Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year end.

What a year it's been, each month giving us new challenges, new joys and new heartaches.

January: 5 months pregnant, I jetted off to visit my brother in LA for the weekend, only to return and rushing to the hospital to be with Dermot as he suffered an awlful bout of RSV and pneumonia. Six nights later he came home, I swear he's different. No longer able to suck his thumb and drink efficiently out of a bottle, Dermot left something at Children's Hospital that I wish we could have back.

April: Owen turns four! Just days before I'm to deliver #3, we had a glorious time at his party. All his friends and classmates joined him at Pump it Up! Yipee!

May: Ryan Joseph Sullivan joins our family after a day and a half of labor, one push is all it took! What a blessing! So begins the battle for sleep.

August: Countless visits to and from family! Ryan had his first airplane ride at three months, thanks to uncle Bill! Ryan sleeps thru the night for the first time!

September: Owen starts pre-k, quickly makes friends with lots of great kids. Dermot gets admitted to begin the Ketogenic Diet. It's not as smooth as we'd hoped, but by the end of the month he's found a groove...

October: Trick or Treat! Owen speeds thru the neighborhood as a NASCAR driver, cleans up with a full pumpkin of candy, which I make him share with me!

November: I hosted Thanksgiving, with a little help from everyone. That was my favorite holiday!

December: Christmas has come and gone, plans changed at the last minute and most everyone celebrated with us in Minneapolis. What a blessing that turned out to be! Cousins were here to play with my boys, sledding and ice skating, it was a great time.

I'm having a hard time believing 2008 is over. Weird.

I have to say, I'm especially grateful for the outpouring of help and concern from our friends and family. It's touched me in ways I won't ever be able to tell you personally. I have made some connections with some fantastic ladies this year, from my Wednesday Group, my parent support group and my parenting class. I'm glad to know all of you!

As we approach 2009, there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding Dermot's condition. We are waiting for more test results from Mayo late this month. We are due for a round of appointments this month. The neurologist and the phyisatrist. Dermot also starts a transition class at Edina special ed one day a week. Plus for the next eight weeks he'll be getting hyperbaric oxygen treatments everyday for and hour each time.

I'll update these as they occur. Until then, thank you for being in our lives and have a happy and healthy new year!

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HeatherS said...

Hi Suzanne!

Thanks for checking out Samantha's blog. I just read through yours and yes....similiar stories.

I love your writing style.

Hang in there and keep in touch!