Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random thoughts from Target

insurance companies....Topamax...where did I park? where's the $ coming from? smile and try to remember that woman's name...I hate Jon and Kate plus arm is getting tired from holding this basket I should have gotten a cart, but then I would have spent too much money, I curse you Target!!!! check the visa bill...we haven't sold the casco house stomach hurts...I'm doubting my program because of my codependency...write this down before I forget...when does the childcare end? why is Dermot still sick? why does his body jerk and tremble when he has a fever? what is the Topamax doing to him? why is there not just one doctor instead of six in charge of Dermot's health? Is Dermot going to die before me? I'm calling the insurance company now.

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Monkey Junkie said...

That thought process sounds really familiar to me.