Monday, March 14, 2011

Notice everything

I want you to notice everything.
I want you to notice how your child smiles.
I want you to notice how your child bends down to pick something up, watch him as his knees bend perfectly, aligning with his hips, pay close attention while his hand reaches for the object, focus in on how his fingers come together quite effortlessly to grab the object, then he's up.
Notice every time he looks into your eyes and really sees you.
I want you to notice whenever he calls you "mom" or "mama" or "mommy".
I want you to feel every hug, every kiss.
I want you to notice how he eats the cookie you just gave him, crumbs all over the floor, gone in two bites.
I want you to get teary eyed when he runs away giggling his head off because he thinks you're going to chase him. Hear the footsteps? I want you to.
I want you to notice when he says a word you've never heard him say before, even if that word is "poopy".
I want you to notice how easily he can sit in the cart at Target and point to every item he wants to bring home.
I want you to notice how enthusiastically he brushes his teeth and how proud he is that he can wash his hands himself.
I want you to notice the way he make up songs in the car and sings so everyone can hear him.
I want you to let him wear the outfit he picked out himself, even if it doesn't come close to matching.
I want you to notice everything.
I want you to celebrate everything.
Know that the little things aren't so little to all children.
I look at your children and I notice everything, I look at my children and I notice everything.
When I'm down, I watch my boys when they're not looking, I see the miracles in them everyday.
I am thankful for EVERYTHING.


Fawn said...

Awesome. Made me cry... thank you for the reminder.

Abigail said...


Thank you for your honesty and reminders to never let the little things be taken for granted!



harris625 said...

I read your post and can relate to every one of these experiences-how easy it is for "typical" children, and how we long to see our special children achieve even one of them. Well said!