Monday, January 21, 2013

Young grief

Grief in an eight year old:

Two days after the funeral he had rubbed most of the ink off of the wristband he received at the funeral.
Got almost frantic when I told him I couldn't fix the wristband, then calmed down when I agreed to give him the one I got.
Gave me several unasked for hugs when he noticed me crying at the dinner table, at church on Sunday and while reading him a book.
Asked to read his obituary in the paper, again.
Asked why his heart stopped beating.
Read the article about his friend in the neighborhood newspaper and was comforted by the fact that his favorite team was Notre Dame.
Listened while his friends at swim practice talked about "the boy who died", didn't share with us what they'd said.
Spent a few nights out of sorts, almost crying, almost yelling.
Made sure that the green #7 sticker was placed correctly on his hockey helmet.
Wanted to know if he'd been to any other funerals when he was younger.
Seems to be hugging his brother Dermot an awful lot lately.

Two weeks so far.

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