Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank you TEFRA

Thanks to TEFRA and the CADI Waiver, here's the benefits...

Van modification:

With the push of a button the seat pivots and lowers down to the same level as Dermot's stroller, saves my back a ton of wear and tear.

Home modifications:

Instead of ramps in the garage, that require a foot of length for every inch, we opted for short steps to get Dermot's chair in and out of the house, works great!

Bath lift

This one was a bit hard to stomach. It meant that I was relying on a machine to lift my son in and out of the tub. That's my job, right? Well I tried it for the second time tonight and it works just fine. Dermot was able to float and kick around for the first time in months. We've had to give him showers in his bath chair for a while now. Little boys need baths. Dermot can have them again, hooray!

Feeding chair

A few months ago Dermot was still eating his meals in an old Fisher Price high chair, he wasn't supported enough and he was way too tall for it. This chair allows Dermot to eat, play and move about the main level of the house with ease. The chair raises and lowers down to the floor, tilts and reclines and it has a tray for toys. This is by far my favorite benefit from TEFRA. Makes everyday life at home so much easier.

Last thing we've ordered and are still waiting for is the changing table. It's similar to one you might find in a pediatrican's office, but has a fancy jungle theme painted on it to match Dermot's room. Benefits are obvious, saves the back from bending down too low.

We will be set for a few years now. I fought off all of this equipment coming into my home for a long time because it meant yet another step away from normalcy. I had to get used to the idea. I have. I'm grateful for how much easier this makes my job as Dermot's mom. Please let me know if you have questions about the program or any of the equipment.


Natalie and Josh said...

Hi Sue,
Wow...all this looks great. I can see how you waited and now the blessing comes in making your job easier on you and the rest of your family. Thanks for sharing. I bet Dermot just loves his bath time now!

Kate J said...

Congratulations on all the helpful equipment! I am amazed. What was your source for the changing table? A number of my contacts have asked about where to find something like this, and all we have come up with is building something from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me where you got the bath lift and who makes it? We are looking for something exactly like this for our daughter. Thank you! Allison

seezherknit said...

I would be very interested in knowing more about the TEFRA program. THanks!