Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is there anything I can do?

A lot of people in our lives have been gracious enough to ask "Is there anything I can do for you?" Almost always my response has been: No we're fine, thanks. But that's not completely true. Growing up the way I did I learned a an early age to take care of myself, by doing everything by myself. Well in our situation with three young kids, one with special needs, I can't do everything myself.

This seems a bit shameless, but what the heck. I've decided to create a list of things friends and family can do to help my family.

1. Call or e-mail us-even if we don't have time for a long conversation, a message telling us you're thinking of us really feels good. My friends Pat, Lisa and Debby have called just to let me know they're thinking of us, it's nice to have a cheering secton.

2. Bring us dinner anytime-what a huge favor, we now have a freezer in the basement that houses ready to heat meals. It saves me so much time. Thank you to Susan and Dixie for helping us stock the new freezer this summer...

3. Offer to have Owen over for a playdate sometime-With three kids it's hard to get around for activites without help, but with Dermot it's even harder. His special stroller is 50 lbs. and he's 31 lbs. so it tend to be too much heavy lifting for a trip to the library or a museum...I feel bad that Owen just hangs out around the house most afternoons, he'd love a change of pace. I'd call you but it's bad manners to invite my son over to your house, right?

4. Ask questions-We get the "How's Dermot?" question daily, we have a standard answer of "He's doing okay, I guess". Sometimes it's better to get specific. What's your life like now? How are you handling all the stress? How about them Twins?

5. Remember who we were before all of this and remind us-Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the sorrow and pain the comes with a special needs child, that I don't want to go out, I don't want to try new things or meet new people, it's like a black hole...

6. Read the blog-it's so nice to talk to you and find out you've read this, then I don't have to explain what's going on over and over again.

To be Continued...


Anonymous said...

What a great entry, Sue. Any of your friends would welcome your "invitation" to have Owen go to their place for a play date.

Thanks for having this blog... and for telling me about it.

Mark Dwyer

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, You really know how to "BLOG"! I am glad you have found a variety of "outlets" for your mix of emotions/situations-- I am enjoying all the pictures of the 3 "Sullivan boys" very cute! I want you to know that I think you are a strong, faithful and loving lady! The "Sullivan boys" and the "Man of the House" (Hi Joe!) are truly blessed to have you...never give up! Joan