Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well Dermot is eating again, hooray. He had three square meals today. He seems to be in better spirits too. In case you're wondering, this is a picture of Dermot when he was 5 months old having his first taste of rice cereal. I just thought it was cute.

We also found out today that Dermot does not have any of the scary terminal genetic or mitochondrial diseases that he was tested for last month. I didn't make this news public so if I've been on edge for the last few weeks you now know why. I can stop thinking all of the morbid thoughts I was thinking and move on, for now.

I also fired the nanny this week, bummer. She had a different style than I'm used to and didn't think it would work with our family. No worries, I have an interview lined up on Monday for someone new and more resumes coming in... I learned a lot from the process and must always remember that I'm a grown-up and am entitled to have things the way I want them.

We redecorated the house today and I'm up way too late trying to finish the new arrangement. I can never sleep when something half finished.

Good Night!


Blake Kelly said...

what a cute baby!

Blake Kelly said...

what a cute baby!

Kathleen said...

Hey Sue:

Joe forwarded your blog to us. I'll be keeping up on what's going on. You're a great mom. Just remember that.