Thursday, September 11, 2008

Almost done?

Yesterday: yuk.

Dermot was suffering from acidosis-too ketotic. He was lacking in CO2 in his blood which made him lethargic, irritable and worst of all, not hungry or thirsty. The doctor said push the fluids and gave him a medication to correct the imbalance. He had a full night's sleep and looked a little better this morning.

After good lab results this morning Dermot had a decent breakfast of applesauce and eggs with cheese, cream and a lot of butter, ummm. He ate all of his lunch too. I think he's getting better, it hasn't helped that he brought Owen's cold with him. The doctor said he may be able to come home tomorrow or Saturday at the very latest.

I thank my many visitors for their company and food, it makes me feel stronger when I have good friends around to support us.

It's an interesting place, the pediatric epilepsy ward, most kids have helmets on and are hooked up to EEG machines. The kids are connected to long cords so they can move around outside of their rooms. They have a play room, a television, a computer and the most popular item is the Wii. The kids range in ages from 4 months to 19 years, girls and boys. They are from Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and Central America. Some are trying new drugs, some are gearing up for brain surgery and some are being monitored to record seizure activity. All the parents are searching for answers, just like us.

I'll keep you posted...

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