Sunday, September 7, 2008

The hospital

Tomorrow's the big day. 5-9 days in the hospital (Children's St. Paul) to start the Ketogenic Diet. Joe and I will take turns spending the night, yipee. I just hope we don't have a loud roommate or any roommate. The first two days Dermot will fast, yuk. While he's busy doing that, Joe and I will get educated by the dietian on how to prepare and feed Dermot his new food. Today I got a head start and gave him whipped cream and scrambled eggs with butter for breakfast. I think I might end up gaining some weight from tasting the whipped cream for every meal. We'll sweeten it with Stevia, a natural sweetener, it works great.

If you're looking for something to do, please feel free to call us on our cell phones, offer to bring us lunch or dinner, or just stop by and will make the time go by a lot quicker. I have the latest issues of People and Us waiting to be read, plus a few books I haven't been able to finish.

I hope Dermot gets through the first part of this process okay. The book tells me that after we're released it may take a few weeks to fine tune the diet for optimum seizure control. I'm just worried that he won't eat the food because it's so different from what he's eating now.

Let go and Let God.

I'll keep you posted.


Katy said...

My thoughts are with you today (and this week). I hope the transition to the new diet goes smoothly. I will check in with you soon.

With love,

Lisa said...

I hope that things have gone ok so far. Hopefully the fasting time will go quickly and Dermot gets adjusted to his new diet easily! Sue, will you be there Friday noon? Both kids have school so I would love to bring you lunch. If that doesn't work I will bring you dinner one night, let me know when you will be there.
Thinking of you....

Anonymous said...

hope both you and derm did well today.

Prayers are with you