Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Okay, second day of the Ketogenic diet and Dermot's hospital stay: the first day went good, he fasted for only 20 hours and they determined he was ready to begin eating his new food.

His first meal: about a tablespoon of pureed chicken, a pat of butter, 2 oz. of whipping cream and a 1/3 of a banana. Not much. Of course he ate it all, but was upset when that's all we could give him. The first three meals are about a third of what his regular portions will be, his next three meals will be 2/3 of is full portions, then after that he'll be able to eat his full carolic intake of 1050 calories a day.

Today was harder than yesterday. Dermot woke this morning to a needle in his arm to get blood to check his labs. They discovered that he was becoming dehydrated so they wanted to put in an I.V., I strongly objected, but after a few tears and some heated discussions with the nurse and the dietian I agreed to the I.V. They said it's common for kids to become dehydrated while switching over to the diet because it's such a shock to his system. Bummer. Then the physical therapist showed up and started working with Dermot, but Dermot said NO WAY and wanted some big hugs from mom and dad to settle him down. I was so encouraged by his first day I thought the rest would be smooth sailing, not so. I just have to remember what a shock this is to his body.

Next up, continue monitoring his blood sugar and ketone levels and continue the meals. By Wednesday night he should be able to eat a full size portion for dinner.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes, I REALLY appreciate it!

One day at a time...

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Cyndi McCartney said...

Hey Sue, I am sorry to hear it was a rough day for Dermot. He is very lucky to have you and Joe at his side. Give him a big hug from the boys and I.