Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I've been waiting to write because I want to have good news, I want to be excited and tell all of you that the diet is working and all of that crap at the hospital was worth it. It's not working. Dermot's seizures are getting more frequent everyday. I can't stand it. I want to get inside his little brain and rewire it some how. I'm not ready to give up the diet yet, There might be some fine tuning to do, we'll see. It was a bad weekend for Dermot. That equals a sad and frustrated mom. I just want the Dermot from last year back. I can't have him. I'm heartbroken.

Stay tuned, I'm calling the doctor's office tomorrow to get some answers and ideas of what to do next. The scary part if the diet doesn't work is the alternative. Another new drug. I hate trying them because I get my hopes up and he changes, depending on the side effects (lethargy, irritability, sleepiness, etc.) The odds that new drugs will work decrease dramatically the more drugs you try. So the theme for this message is: powerless. I have to wait and see. Your thoughts and prayers are needed, I need your strength.

more later...

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