Thursday, September 18, 2008


I remember the first "equipment" that Dermot's physical therapist brought into our house. It was a clunky purple chair with lots of belts and a harness. It was so Dermot could sit upright "by himself" and play. I cried when it came in. Dermot's condition was real now. He wasn't sitting in the bouncy chair made for babies 10 pounds lighter anymore.

Now, I welcome the "equipment" into our house. Most of it's on loan from the school district. He has a stander to help with his hip development and a tumble form chair (big blue, as my husband calls it) to allow him to sit up comfortably by himself, (he grew out of the purple chair over a year ago) and his new "stroller" that offers him great support while being out in the world. The latest piece I just ordered is a bath chair. It's made out of PVC pipe and a blue mesh fabric. This is the first one we've had to pay for out-of-pocket. $315 for a bath chair.

It got me thinking. What do parents do that can't afford $300 for a bath chair? Or even the $250 co-pay we paid for the stroller that usually costs $3000?
I am a fan of the TV show Extreme Home Makeover. They are always giving new homes to less advantaged people. Most of the families have kids with disabilites and they set them up with thousands of dollars worth of equipment to make their lives with their children just a little bit easier. Stay tuned, I'm going to find a way to help these families too.

I have a nickname "stroller queen" because I have bought and tried so many different brands of strollers I could run a store. I had a reason for my purchases. I was always searching for the perfect stroller for Dermot to be comfortable in and to make my life easier. I wanted to be able to stay mobile with all the kids, I wanted to still look like a "normal" mom with my kids. Well, I have given up my stroller ways, because I discovered that Dermot is happiest riding in his "Equipment", my only regret is that they don't make a double so I can roll Ryan around too. So for the near future, you'll see me walking with Dermot in his stroller and Ryan in the Bjorn. Ryan better learn to walk soon, because he's getting really heavy in his carrier.

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