Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Strolling along

So I did it. I took Dermot on a bike ride today. He smiled and I smiled too.

I held a garage sale to raise funds for this $1000 bike trailer, I came within $80 and I smiled.

Ever since Dermot was born I've been buying strollers.

First was the Graco Duoglider, too long and hard to steer.

Then there's the Dreamer Design jogger, too big!

Then, a Joovy Double. Way too heavy, plus Dermot was already too big for it.

An Inglesina Zippy, worked for a while, but didn't support Dermot's body enough.

Then the BOB Double, loved it! Dermot's too big for it now.

Now we use a Dreamer Design Double that I procured from ebay because they stopped making them in 2008. I'm guessing we'll be done with that one by next spring because Dermot's getting so big.

Then, an Otto Bock Kimba. We still have this one, he uses it for school and getting around, but he's maxed out the growth in this one.

What's next? A wheelchair. A real wheelchair. Gulp. 50+ lbs. of metal and foam. We're shopping for one now. It's a process that I'm not looking forward  to.

But for now, I get to take my son on bike rides. Like any other mom and any other kid.

Today that was enough. It was more than enough.