Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 18th.

July 18th is the date of Dermot's surgery.

His spine turns in the shape of an S.

80 degrees.

His right side of his internal organs are getting smushed.

Lungs, smushed.

Ribs, so close they almost touch.

Shoulder protrudes outward.

Head and neck automatically turns to the left.

The hump on his back grows more prominent each day.

The brace that he wears doesn't seem to fit him anymore.

This didn't happen overnight. it's been a long time coming. every six months the x-rays prove that as Dermot grows, the curve gets worse.

The brace doesn't fit him anymore.

We struggle with the decision of surgery.

Dermot is a fragile human being.

Respiratory distress is our first concern.

Pain is our second.

Length and ease of recovery is uncertain.

Dermot's spine isn't getting straighter.

Were are in the midst of multiple doctor's visits.

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

Doing everything we can to ensure that the surgery is a success.


Orthopedic surgeon.

Another orthopedic surgeon.

Special needs pediatrician.

Another pediatrician.


EKG, and some other heart test I can never remember the name to...

Now comes the waiting.

The anxiety attacks.

The doubt.

The prayers.

The therapy appointments.

The asking for help....