Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A snapshot of inside my head.

Covid 19
racism is alive and well
no school
stay at home
save money
gaining weight
my son has no friends
my other son has to stay home for the rest of the year
i am constantly trying to find my purpose
I miss my mom
I miss my friends
I miss places
I grieve for my former life
I am not alone, but knowing that doesn't make it better
Society is in upheaval
people are dying
my oldest son is never home
I'm afraid most days
I just started online shopping again
I just stopped weighing myself everyday
I need a fucking haircut
its really hot outside today
I'm trying to plan my tasks for the day and i never know where to begin
my youngest is always on his screens
he screams at me when I tell him to do his chores around the house
he is really unhappy
a little bit of laundry,
then i jump to the dishes
I should really walk the dogs
I should really make Ryan walk the dogs
maybe I should take them to the dog park
is it too hot for the dog park?
sorry the doorbell rang, yep its too hot
he screamed at me again, at least I got him on his bike
calling his friend's mom to get an answer
why won't he play with his old friends?
talked to my husband, I feel a little bit better
we are all in this together!

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